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Our booch, your booch.
Cultivating Change from Within

All of our flavors are strictly made with only Organic Certified inputs. Our kombucha is never from concentrate, and flavored with whole organic juices & fresh herbal teas.  There are no natural or artificial flavoring agents & never made from extracts, which gives you pure unadulterated flavors. It is raw, living, & unfiltered small batch kombucha.

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June Bug 

Our intentional herbal blend of ginger, tulsi basil, rosehip, crimson clover & stinging nettle. Herbaceous, delicious & full of ginger spice.

Bronze medal winner - International Kombucha Brewers Kup 2023



A slightly sweet, yet succulent blackberry flavor with earthy undertones.

A fan favorite


Oregon Sunrise

A blend of orange, tangerine, and vanilla bean make this tea into a perfectly curated orange cream soda.


Irresistible anytime of day.



Strawberry and Tulsi Basil make this combo perfectly fresh, sweet & with a hint of herbal aroma.

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