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Local, family owned and operated, here in Southern Oregon. We believe in the community comng together for the greater good and we always strive to do our part in keeping our community strong.

Dontations to Rebecca Bender Ministries

The Rebecca Bender Initiative is a leading forerunner in the efforts to eradicate modern day slavery and change the mindset of our culture. RBI assists in crisis response assisting victims to escape. Next, RBI offers, ELEVATE, an intensive online 16 week program, allowing victims to receive services regardless of where they live. This online course offers deeper levels of healing, business development and leadership, but doesn't end there. With many tracks to choose from, ELEVATE is an entire year of follow up and a lifetime of support. What is more, RBI has some of the most advanced trainings in the country, equipping FBI, Homeland Security, Former Presidents, SVU & Undercover, Medical Professionals, Service Providers and Faith Communities all across America.

We here at Rogue Kombucha donate 10% of our sales profits and 100% of our market tips to this cause. We feel very strongly that this needs to end all over the world and we are proud to be a part of informing young women and letting them know that they do not have to live this life! 

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